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   Pricing depends on how much work and detail is involved in the given design. For example, a “stock” type flame design is going to be a lot cheaper than a design with loads of detail. If there is a lot of prep work involved such as repairing chips and /or removing a previous paint-job or changing the base color, the price will increase. Goalie mask painting starts at $300 and up,  helmet painting (motorcycle, snowmobile, etc.) starts at $350 and up. Motorcycle tanks, fenders and frames vary in price, please contact Image Airbrush for a quote. Murals and the like also vary in price with the amount of work and detail involved. All custom painted projects require 50% payment up front before work begins and the rest of payment upon completion of the project, or payment in full before work begins. Image Airbrush can accept credit card payment through PayPal (see link below for details). Payment can also be accepted by money order mailed with the mask, helmet, motorcycle parts, etc. All money orders from the U.S. must be international money orders.

Goalie masks can be shipped via courier which will take a one or two days to arrive in Canada, five to six days from United States. All shipping and duty charges are the responsibility of the customer. If you are sending Image Airbrush a mask to be painted from the U.S. you must properly document your package as a used mask that is being painted to avoid duty payment that would be involved with the original purchase price of the mask, helmet, etc.

Doing a rough sketch of your design to get the general idea and placement is not a problem. Detailed sketches take up a lot of time and are not feasible to work into a reasonable price. If you contact Craig through e-mail or by phone with your ideas and get the general design scheme in place, you will not be disappointed with the results.